Upcoming Events

Alien In-Line is coming to your school soon! This program is 100% funded by Parent Council for the school and costs approximately $3000 for the following Family Skate night and Class Programs. We hope you are looking forward to it.


Tuesday March 27th  5-6pm; 6-7pm; 7-8pm

-FREE to attend, a parent must accompany their child(ren)
-In-Line Skates provided for adults and children
-Music, lights and family FUN!
-Sign up HERE.


March 26-29th

Each class from EEP to grade 6 will get up to 2 session each.

-Qualified instructors
-In-Line Skates and equipment provided
-Many basic and advanced skating skills are taught and may include standing on skates, simple forward motion, turns, safe skating strategies, road/pathway etiquette and non-aerial jumping.

Safety and Protective Gear: Alien In-Line provides protective gear for each student (knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet). The program teaches student the importance of wearing protective gear while skating and must be used at all times. As parents it is recommended that you reinforce the importance of wearing protective gear while skating.

Helmets and Head Lice: Alien In-Line strictly requires ALL students to wear a certified helmet at ALL times while on skates. Certified helmets are provided for all students but be aware that use of shared helmets can contribute to the spread of head-lice. Due to allergy and environmental concerns, Alien In-Line does NOT treat the helmets with anti-lice pesticides and suggests that parents concerned about head-lice have children bring their own helmet to school for use during the Alien In-Line program.

The most effective way to avoid the spread of head lice is for each student to bring and use his or her own helmet for the Alien In-Line program

Proper Attire: Alien In-Line suggests that students wear comfortably fitting clothes on skating days (not too tight and not too baggy). Skirts or dresses should be avoided. All student should have clean, dry socks.

If you have further questions about the Alien In-Line program, please email stgabrielpc@gmail.com.